Your Goddamned “1982 Singapore Lokpal Bill”!!!

When people  have no style or imagination, they blindly follow others….A glaring example, I  have come across, this status has been posted n re-posted so many times by the same people who want the “TRUTH” 

“In 1982, In Singapore, LOKPAL BILL was implemented and 142 Corrupt Ministers were arrested in one single day.. Today Singapore has only 1% poor people & no taxes are paid by the people to the government, 92% Literacy Rate, Better Medical Facilities, Cheaper Prices, 90% Money is white & Only 1% Unemployment exists.. Re Post this if you want to live in a corruption free country.. !”

I, of course, could not agree with its accuracy.

1. “The basic idea of the Lokpal is borrowed from the office of the ombudsman in other countries.”Since when does Singapore have ombudsmen to begin with.

2. The terms Employment/unemployment/poor Cannot be statistically used unless u define them especially for a country like Singapore which refuses to draw a Poverty Line. What do u think poor is.. “never seen a Rs.100 or bigger denomination before in their life” .

3. “No Taxes”…lol…seriously…What do you think the IRAS of Singapore does….Sell Peanuts!!!

4. 1% unemployment is quite impossible – there is a theoretical min natural unemployment rate which is about 2%.

5. Singapore has hardly reported the arrest of a single minister for corruption…Let alone 142!!!…As a matter of fact i dont think there are 142 different individuals who have been a minister in Singapore.

To all the sane people out there…..For the Love of God!! Have some sense and get your facts straight before you post something!!!

The funny thing is that the people who are fighting the “war” against Corruption are the ones who post such  bull crap and the sad part…the common mass is following such people. It reminds me of quite an apt quote by Voltaire….

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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  1. Its people like you – who we need to open the mind of people in this time of “MASS HYSTERIA”
    Really a fantastic and a logical wordpress – buddy…

    Darshan Mistry

  2. In 1982, In Afghanistan LOKPAL BILL was implemented and No Corrupt Ministers & Officers were arrested in one single decade.. Today Afghanistan has only 95% poor people & hell lotta taxes are paid by the people to the government ( whenever they have one ), 2% Literacy Rate, No Medical Facilities, 90% money is black & Only 1% employment exists.. Re Post this if you love your country. Else you are brainless and unpatriotic.

    The problem with forums like facebook is that any asshole with pea sized brains can post any bull crap and conclude with post this on ur profile else this or that will happen / else you are not patriotic etc. They more pea size brained humans will come and just copy that .

  3. Dont get me wrong but i love u…finally some 1 made sense….when i saw the post on fb it seemed unlikely….n u helped reinforce my opinion….on my quest to find out more……..lets c…but nice one

  4. Irony. The people who are supposedly fighting the war against corruption are using corrupt methods ( blatant propaganda lies falls under corruption in my books ) to get more members into there mob.. Then you have a corrupt mindset with high level of Hippocracy, advantage seeking mentality and complexes in the bloodstream no Jan Lokpal can help you ..

  5. True friend. The para people are posting without even thinking is ridiculous. But do search about CPIB in Singapore.
    This is the official site. You can get the rules there.
    These are some case studies.

    I hope after reading, if you find something substantial, you will share it too..

    I would repeat, its not against a person or a party nor even government. Its all about to get a strong law in force to tackle to problem at every level.

    Please don’t give me excuse that if we stop paying bribes, it will stop. It wont. It will definitely stop the corruption created by people itself to ease their work, but wont solve the problems where you can’t get legitimate work done by government without bribe. And all the scam money also goes from your pocket, don’t forget.

    The people up there are kind of managers only. The actual revenue generators are people like you and me. Who are taxed when we earn, and also when we spend.

    Think buddy. Hope to hear from you.
    Peace out.

      1. Well let me tell you for a fact that in Singapore the taxation ranges from 0 to 8%. Something to ponder uh? I do not think you have been to Singapore or else you would not have questioned how far ahead it is in terms of infrastructure from airports to roads to mass transport. Yes it is a small country but we do not have a single city that matches up to that standard do we? Can you think of any other reason besides corruption for this? I logically can’t with the high taxes we pay to our booming private sector to the number of high net worth individuals we have. And also if you are aware of the anti corruption laws of Singapore and studied something about Jan Lokpal you will find the similarities uncanny. Do your research mate. It is good to be skeptic but if it lacks logic it looks stupid.

      2. Oh i have done my research. You know half knowledge is a very dangerous thing. For the tax part, this is my source
        I suggest that you give it thorough read n then raise your doubts. I ve browsed through the entire history of Singapore n I cannot find a single reference to the arrest of your “142 Corrupt Minsters”. I would be quite happy if u could find any such reference to falsify my claims. I m well aware of the superior infrastructure of Singapore, but its a very small country. The government cannot focus entirely on a single city thts why our cities are not equally developed. There are so many grounds on which India n Singapore differ and only a fool would compare them under same parameters. So this is my take and i know you are still not convinced but i really dont give a damn. Spammers will continue to spam and if people like you believe them, i sorry to say but I dont see this ending in the near future

      3. ‎1. Unemployment rate is 1.9% as of March 2011 and 2.1% as of July 2011.

        2. Literacy is indeed at 95%

        ‎3. Singapore is one of the least corrupt countries in the world now.

        4. While I don’t know about how many ministers were arrested in 1982 but a lot of them were charged, penalised and convicted, few of which are given in the link provided below

        So, all the stats are not false. You should have done some more research.

      4. First of all, the arrest report u cite in ur comment contains details of 3 ministers (the figure claimed is 142) and even these 3 cases were investigated in the years 1966, 1975 and 1987. Its funny that two cases were reported much before ur “1982 Bill”. Such sporadic arrests have occurred in several other countries with/without such a bill.

        In my post, I said nuthin regarding the the literacy n corruption in Singapore. The reason behind the High literacy n low corruption is not Ur Bill but because the country is very small n has been efficiently managed after its independence and Unlike India, Singapore didnt have decades of constant war problems post independence. Kerala has a literacy rate of 93.91% without any such bill.

        Regarding the Unemployment Rate…Before Jan 2009, (27 Years after ur “1982 Bill”), it was well above 3%. And if u ll look at the yearly rates, (Monthly rates are not considered in Country Stats as they fluctuate during the Fiscal Year) its still above 2% and that can also be accounted for by the rising GDP and small size of the country…Not ur Bill!!!
        That is why it is considered as a developed country!!

        So Yes, I ve done my research and I still stand by it. Singapore is a very efficient country n it is so because of the people…not because of some “1982 Bill”

  6. That was a lovely blog post. I am really in awe of your creative alteration of the stupid spam post on FB. You just earned yourself a fan. Really good sense of humor. Looking forward to hearing from you. “Selling peanuts” xoxo .

  7. Jst loved da post. u have brought a funny side to the jan lokpal bill. do you write smwhere? i wud love to read it. keep da good work. do you have another blog too becoz this one just has 3-4 posts and I m sure a satirist like you mst hve written more.

  8. In midst of this insanity, a post like this makes Indians realize that there’s no magic wand to solve issue in one stroke.
    Loved your post. The only thing I hate about you is that you don’t write too often.
    Waiting for more eyeopeners from you.

  9. Brilliant, that was quite some post I’ve read in a few days. People have been acting like crazy, sharing those stupid posts. Someone comes along and shows the light to the world. It is really nice and it reeks of confidence and humor. Well done. ❤

  10. speechless!!! OMG this is so awesome, take that all those hippocrites who just post these copied senseless jagron blindly! You write for a magazine or wat??? The language’s fluidity is the best. I am sure i’ll luv ur writings….do write more 🙂


  11. I never knew you had a blog. Thanks for clearing that up. Reading those posts on facebook made me certain that it wasnt true and you confirmed it. In street terms, “you nailed that stupid status”.

  12. ROFL@”3. “No Taxes”…lol…seriously…Wht do u think the IRAS of Singapore does….Sell Peanuts!!!”. Great stuff there mate.

    Very well written! (Y)

  13. Oh Boy…Finally someone is sane enough to think about this ‘LOKPAL BILL and SINGAPORE’. Good job…I appreciate your effort. Since morning , Morons have been spamming my FB wall with this crappy message. I guess some people think with their toes. Dude, You’re spot on. Thanks for bringing MORONS under the bodhi tree….If you don’t mind I’ll be happy to post this on my FB page. Thanks a tonne.

  14. Cool buddy.. there are tons of such BS in facebook’s status messages. I wonder why people won’t think twice before making use of their precious ‘status-message’ space!!

    And aptly quoted from Voltaire.. way to go!

  15. Glad to know somebody has their facts straight. All of the Anna-Lokpal-Fast drama is getting on my nerves! It’s annoying in the least that educated old people are so hyped about breaking Constitutional mandates. What, however, is more annoying is how the ‘youth’ has ‘joined the cause’ to ‘eradicate corruption’. Just because they have to be part of a cause, these adrenaline driven ‘enlightened’ youngsters have risen to the occasion. But for what? For a bill that is flawed on both sides. For a ‘Lokpal’ that will be unaccountable. For something new (and shiny) that they don’t understand. For an old man who doesn’t see where he may be wrong. Against a government they voted. Against a Constitution that we gave to ourselves. Against a system that has been running with bumps, agreed, but at least is accountable.

    India has the laws. Fight for implementation. A known devil is better than an unknown angel.

    Anyhow, that’s me, getting hyper 😛

    Good post. Keep up the good work!

    Support your Constitution!

    1. Whatever this fellow was smoking that night, I want that. I’m tired of saving idiots. Time to smoke some grass and relax.

  16. The misnomer arose from Arvind Kejriwal’s speech at IIT Chennai (Saw it over Youtube so can’t sure of the venue’s veracity). AK quoted the example of ICAC of Hong Kong. The real thing happened in Hong Kong in the 70’s, resulting in the setup of ICAC; which was later duplicated in other nations by various names: Ombudsman, Public Defender and Protector of Citizens to name a few.
    Here’s the video:

    Here’s the story :

    Good effort though. Long live Satire !

  17. Thanks buddy, even me also posted this but always thinking is this msg is true,

    thanks for this gr8 news, i will remove this post and update my frnd also in this.

  18. its eradication of corruption or atleast decrease the levels what matters most and not merely making and amending laws and again keep doing that like some old gramaphone stuck due to some technical flaw. But one also not forget that unless it taken on whole mass level one cannot address this problem. It is important that peaceful agitations should take place reaching to sensible consequence where the virus of corruption is treated in more and more effective manner.
    We may accept this fact that people in India and across the borders have atleast started thinking in atleast one direction that there there is this disease called corruption sickning the whole social struct and it has to addressed in better way. Its an evolution of corruption eradication process for that any sensible person would stand with the movement that going on.
    We all know its not a problem which can be solved in a day, week, month or even an year just be passing a law. On the other hand it can be solved in a minute if every body togather decide that no giving and taking of bad money. The problem is sloved but we know that it is impossible. so the next alternative is to awaken the masses by bringing them on to one plat form so that by a common consensus a stronger and workable solution is adopted instead of conceding to the situation and allow what ever is happening.
    Atleast for that one can support this movement.

  19. First of all, kudos for some great writing.
    However, I’d like to say, that inaccurate in facts as it may be, the post is just a way of expressing one’s support for a cause and that’s it. I don’t think it affects us in any ways as to whether it happened in singapore or Hong Kong.
    Corruption is rampant and it is definitely eating into the fruits of economic growth and liberalization, and we should not be looking for examples like these to tell us whether or not it is effective, it is a problem we face everyday and rather than being passive towards it, we should actively participate.
    And one of the first ways of dealing with it with an affective law.
    For 42 years, the Lokpal bill has festered in our parliament and there has never been enough political will to clear it.
    So once again when any political party failed to show any support for this cause, when repeated letters to the PM, Sonia Gandhi, even opposition leaders failed to generate any results, civil disobedience was the way out.
    And anyone who says that this protest is unconstitutional, then it makes all the efforts for the weak RTI act tabled few years ago, all the efforts for farmers protesting against land acquisition, all the protest against illegal mining, all the protest against Narmada Dam are unconstitutional.
    Peaceful protests are the constitutional right of every citizen, and as far as that is concerned these protests have adhered to it.
    However we always forget, that this nation was brought up on the ground of civil disobedience.
    Take the post for what it is – support for a cause that affects all of us.
    “AN UNJUST LAW IS NO LAW” – Mahatama Gandhi


    1. First of all, its Satirical….Secondly, i fear ur numbers are greatly exaggerated.
      Also there is nothing MORAL about using false numbers n stats to prove ur point.
      It just shows tht u urself dont have faith in ur agenda! I m a staunch supporter
      of the bill but using false numbers to get wht i blv in wud just make me a corporate brand
      and our agenda is much bigger than that.

      1. There you go again “I fear your numbers are greatly exaggerated”. May I ask how do you know its not 99% and actually less than 98%. You have just fallen to your own trap. If the Singapore post can be refuted by saying false numbers…your above post can be refuted by the same logic. So the bottom line is we all have our opinions and right to get carried away by them to some extent.

      2. Unlike ur beloved Singapore Post, I ve given my references…U find me a link proving the arrest of 142 ministers and i will accept my defeat.
        I, like several other Indians want this bill to be passed. But a poll conducted in your colony does not represent the view of the entire nation.
        The closest percentage I ve come across is 95.04% in Mumbai where 1,04,006 voted. And my friend there r approximately 1,150,000,000 people in india
        so the Mumbai polls also don’t represent the the entire nation’s opinion. So when u claim that 99% Indians want it….be sure to back it with a solid proof
        or else u ll be the one looking like a fool!

    2. Um.. Why are you shouting? your post nearly attackd my eyes, i wud hv had serious trouble if i wasnt used to melodrama on my facebook news feed page. -_-

      then again, your percentages! i wish you were my examiner in my +2 boards, u obviously have a thing for exxageration. 98%? have you had a basic high school education, Ma’am? 98% of indians do not even know the name of their prime minister! and i can personally bet on that.

      Just because the people reposting the fake story have gud intentions doesnt make the thing right. you want to talk morals? since when does the end justify the means? 41% of indians live below the poverty line, propaganda of such info might makes them believe that jan lokapal bill eradicates poverty. Are you willing to take the responsibility and make that come true?

  21. It is really a brilliant satire on the Jan Lokpal bill of Singapore. And I never thought you would be such a good humorist.

  22. hello satirical,
    your satire is too twisted!-means if it is not a straight talk [satire is not]-you also seem to be against corruption. but from the tenor of your writing it can’t be deduced so.
    dude , what ARE you against?. do not indulge in armchair cynicism. India can not afford that. it is Indian ethos of protest that has kept India from turning into Tehreeque square or Libya where any foreign nation could have had a field day.

    you quote Voltaire [“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.“]
    what do you mean by this quote in present context?-do you mean that corruption-less society is an absurdity??^^-every dream is an absurdity, flying of mankind was an absurdity,today it is an common form of transport!^
    but don’t you believe that people who have gathered there are being hyper /dreamy/vague.a visit to Ramlila ground will ground you. people have practical goals- an effective law to combat those, who siphon off the money meant for THEIR development. they are pissed off hellish by a series of such -should i say softly- misdemeanors! they know that the scenario can’t be made into a frame of pristine purity- but at least the sapling should not be cut before turning tree.
    they sure were watching MEDIA when charges against Bhushans and Hazare came up. THAT DID NOT DETER THEM BECAUSE OF THEIR PRAGMATISM. AT LEAST ONE MAN CAN RISK HIS LIFE FOR WHAT HE LOVES TO STAND FOR.
    in this age of comfort and daily humdrum that keeps us all busy for nothing , at least people came out in such numbers with such concern and from such far flunged areas, FOR A WORTHWHILE CAUSE.
    it does not need to have a boiling hot blood to retaliate when you are faced with fatal threat. it is a cool thought that brings energy to old men and women showing solidarity there. you will meet MANY heroes. (their problem was they were isolated. ANNA is only a binding force.) it will hearten you, in case you are down.
    but if you are a pseudnyme for Manish Tewari can’t really help.[ wise can’t be preached]
    bye love to see your response.

    1. First of all, I should clear that its not armchair cynicism n I am certainly not a pseudonym for Manish Tewari. My point is that its not befitting for a noble
      cause (of a corruption free India) such as ours to be treated as a corporate brand advertisement wherein you have to cook up stats n falsify data
      to make people believe it. I am just saying that people should protest because they believe in their cause not because they have read some
      stupid cooked up story about a similar thing happening elsewhere. I firmly believe that no matter how just is your cause, spreading messages
      such as these to gather support, is morally wrong on so many grounds. That is what I wanted to convey through this post. Hope I have cleared your doubts.
      If not, I would be happy to hear them out.

      1. You seem to underestimate the judgement of the common man. I wonder why so? (Is it the recent IIT admission that is talkin?). If you think a person would turn from a detractor to a supporter of the movement by reading an FB post you are seriously raising issues on intelligence of the common Indian here (or should I say the the common FB Indian).

      2. There it is, the sarcastic IIT remark….Boy, if i had a nickel for every time i heard that…NO! I m not judging anyone. I am just saying that Spamming is wrong!!
        Frankly, I cant understand whts ur problem. Half the time ur defending that stupid cooked up stats……Now ur saying m judging the common man. See this post was
        meant to falsify the spam which is spreading like a wildfire. I gave you my references.
        Also, do not underestimate the fickle mindedness of the common man. Its a quality he has exhibited since the time of Julius Caesar! People have formed their opinion
        for much less…let alone a FB post!

      3. Look, all you Anna lovers must understand that intellectuals and ‘speakers of sense, logic or caution’ are not for corruption. We simply want to point out that although a mass movement that arouses social consciousness as well as the consciences of the masses is an excellent thing, but what is not an excellent thing is the formation of an extra-constitutional body that is not subject to the checks & balances through which all institutions in a democracy are monitored.

        If you really want to get rid of corruption educate yourselves on how the government of the country functions, on what existing ombudsmen exist in the constitutional framework – CVC, RTI etc. Also try to understand (in your language) – Prevention is the best cure/Dont let the drug be worse than the disease.

        In your attempt to rid the country of corruption don’t end up leaving it a worse, messier, more anarchic and of course Stupider place.

  23. Lol….i verified and then re-posted it….the taxes after including rebates and all…for avg income ppl…it do come to zero on direct taxes///….!!!! they pay more of indirect taxes….!!! so…YEAH …LIL bit of exagerrated but …much better them our 39 % of taxes ..we pay …here for an avg income mango ppl

  24. Hey there. Nice post.
    But really, I have an ignorant idiot, who is not ready to open is mind. I have proved him wrong on A LOT of points (giving various sources) but I need your sources for the 5th point, i.e.

    “5. Singapore has hardly reported the arrest of a single minister for corruption…Let alone 142!!!…As a matter of fact i dont think there are 142 different individuals who have been a minister in Singapore.”

    Please do let me know about the sources you have used for this.
    Thanks a lot.

  25. MR Jha your post is fine, but I am sorry to say that it is equally misleading…as u r fail to give any counter facts.If you have the facts in favor of your logic as well as If they are the facts you might have collected from the Singapore govt. offices…….then plz present them in reference..otherwise please do not try to mislead the public….Thanks

  26. Please tell us what Singapore has and India does not have, which has made Singapore so famous for the way the Government operates there. Jan Lok Pal
    Bill draft has come because our Lok Sabha has been turning a blind eye
    towards such requirement. We dont even seem to understand what Democracy means. It is the People of India who are supreme. See the Preamble of
    the Constitution of India. It begins with WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA.
    Who gave the Constitution to India ? There was no Parliament at that time.
    Read the Address of Dr Rajendra Prasad to the Constituent Assembly
    at the time of adoption of Constitution and what he says about the
    Elected Representatives.

  27. Thanks Satyesh.
    you have explained it correctly.

    fakes news like the Singapore one are definitely taking away the importance of the cause.

    I do have a suggestion. please change your profile pic. just would like to see you.

    Thanks again for your wonderful effort to fight against the corruption in it right way.

  28. Me new being poster (thank god not called yet IMPOSTER) 🙂 just wished to Thank you for clearing the fog of Lok Pal bill! love to read and improve my written communication… Ending two words thank you…

  29. hi satyesh i am absolutely with you..and i am so gutted with this post,every now and then i would see that post glaring in my wall..Am sick of me if we need to root out corruption the common man should also change along with the politicians..stop bribing 2 get your government jobs done, stop bribing to get a degree, stop bribing the guys side during marriage with heaps of money..learn it the hard way give up shortcuts..let us work very hard if we want to bring in a change and let our kids have a corruption free life unlike us.And in order to make india a corruption free country i reckon we should do away with all the loophole laws and implement one universal law..too many laws makes the judiciary too complicated and inflexible and all these cries in the parliament by rahul gandhi and by anna to implement their own versions of lokpal bill is neither healthy…it doesnt matters how noble laws you come up with,the laws themselves are abused or will be abused by us along with the politicians so the solution..for me first we need to change our mentality we need to be honest and respect each and everones conscience, bring back all the black money and start family planning so that we can control population,if population is controlled or made stable the government with all the black money funds can incorporate a law where a min wage has to be paid for everyone so theres no class no job no caste and work distinction also put a high cap earning level above which no 1 can earn money.greed is driving us insane respect our moralities.

  30. This post has been royally pissing me off since yesterday. Of all the absurd ideas… these are the kind of posts which are raising unreasonable expectations in people, and eventually make them dissapointed when the janlokpal bill actually does come out. They(the fanatics posting such stff) make it sound as if the bill is a magic wand that is going to get them a govt job, wen the person has no qualifications along with numerous benefits, house allowancnce, a car and throw it that winning lottery ticket to top it all. did i mention the regular indian wouldnt have to pay taxes?
    P.s. when i googled to gt real facts abt the singapore corruption scene, ur post came on the 2nd page. the result b4 urs were of dat post on various odr sites..

  31. Great observations. A few comments on Singapore’s status as a democracy would be useful as well. Negating representative democracy to fight against anything is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  32. Since Singapore outright refuses any chances of coruption in their country, the 142 people theory is going to be hard to substantiate.
    m outta here.
    xxx, N.
    p.s. satyesh, for an IIT nerd-this post was suprisingly layman-ish. keep up d gud work. toodles.

    1. Glad you liked it!!!….Had to keep it simple…otherwise people stop reading it. As you can see tht ppl r so lazy that they dont even confirm whether wht they are posting is true or not.
      My previous stint as a blogger ended disastrously. Had to move back to FB notes….But this time other than a few skeptics, everything turned out pretty gr8!!

  33. I very much agree with Ujjwal. May be the facts in that post were not accurate, but you haven’t posted anything in concrete to refute the claims. In response to the ‘142’ number, you say that there aren’t 142 people who have been ministers in Singapore when in fact the comment said 142 ministers and officers. So your rebuttal also doesn’t exactly fit. If you were questioning the statistics, you should have given the actual figures which you didn’t. and you say that the unemployment rates have come down after 27 years of the anti-corruption laws, What did you really expect, an overnight reduction? You seem to be someone who is arguing just for the sake of it, and for winning the argument. I don’t say that there aren’t spams on the net. there are. but if you are refuting them, then do so with figures, like Ujjwal has done. even your rebuttal to his claims didn’t at all sound convincing to me. Funny, because someone has developed, you say its because its a small nation. Is there any statistical proof that small nations are more developed than big one. Really!
    Singapore has been among many other factors, been fortunate enough to have found a good leader, and good governance. development is really an outcome affected by multiple factors. And lack of corruption can be one such contributing factor. no one is claiming that it is THE thing that will be Midas’s touch and turn everything into gold. there will have to be other strategies which will have to be implemented.
    I appreciate your idea of not believing everything on the net, but you don’t really have to be overtly cynical either. and definitely not pooh pooh sane and sensible comments like Ujjwal’s at least.

    1. You want my references…Here u go..
      this link contains all the ministers/officers arrested by the CPIB of Singapore. As u can see, it contains details of 3 ministers nd a few officers (the figure claimed is 142) and even these 3 cases were investigated in the years 1966, 1975 and 1987. Its funny that two cases were reported much before ur “1982 Bill”. Such sporadic arrests have occurred in several other countries with/without such a bill.
      I ve mentioned the tax reference in my above reply. —The Unemployment rate ref. As u can see, before Jan 2009, (27 Years after ur “1982 Bill”), it was well above 3%. And if u ll look at the yearly rates, (Monthly rates are not considered in Country Stats as they fluctuate during the Fiscal Year) its still above 2% and that can also be accounted for by the rising GDP and its a developed country.…Not ur Bill!!!
      I admit I forgot to mention the developed part earlier. u need to understand that unlike India, Singapore didnt have a war-stricken post independence era. People were industrious and the administration was efficient. And all this was much before any such “1982 Bill”.

    2. you know what you guys(and girls) are?
      sore losers.
      there, i said it.
      you made a mistake, but it galls you so bad to accept it that you get defensive. and start having this INANE conversation abt it, which i wud nt hv anythng to do wit on a normal day. but i m jus pissed off ryt now. lemme give you some straight up facts. once upon a time, there was this crazy fanatic lokpal bill supporter who wrote up a post that proceeded to b forwarded evvywhr. the post talked about an almost identical bill(fake!) implemented in a small country, which led to such a revolution that the country turned into freaking Eden! it insinuated that the bill lead to the removal of curruption, which lead to efficient management which in turn led to perfection. put in some percentages and it luks realistic.
      you are grasping at straws here. It is mockingly clear that the post is a sham. beside that, i believe you have a problem with satyesh way of writing a blog. to that, all i can say is “lets b mature!. and stop picking fights. he is cynical, deal wit it. that duznt mean he duznt have a point.”

      p.s. any hate mails can b sent to me on yup, its a fake id. and yup, that shows the enormous amount of care, i give to haters.

  34. Hmm, so what’s your point exactly? 1) You have a problem with the Jan Lokpal Bill / the Anna Movement? OR 2) You just find this mild case of exaggeration and Chinese whispers (completely common in a mass movement, as not everybody has the time or inclination to live up to your standards of statistical accuracy) funny enough to attempt writing a humorous post . Just askin…

    I wish a sceptic’s sense of logic and purpose matched up to his/her literary and observational skills more often. Because they frequently miss the larger picture.

    1. C’mon man….U replace 3 arrested ministers that too spread over 30 years by 142 ministers arrested in a single year and call it a mild case of exaggeration
      U say that people don’t pay taxes. U say that every good thing that has happened in Singapore from Infrastructure development to better literacy is because of this “1982 Bill”
      These aren’t Chinese whispers mate…its playing with the emotions of ppl. Jan Lokpal Bill is not a magic wand …tht each n every problem wud disappear!!!

      1. Yeah, it’s not a magic wand… just like ‘Complete Independence’ was not a magic wand post 1947, point is, it was a necessary first step. Even if it’s enforcement is not 100%, it’ll certainly act as a deterrent to billions of dollars of tax money ‘magically’ disappearing from the coffers. Talking about playing with people’s emotions, I’d rather have well intentioned, but less than accurate anecdotes play with people’s emotions, than politicians using purely fraudulent communication like: Garibi Hatao, … aam aadmi ke saath, india shining, etc during elections. All I was trying to do is get you to use your awesome literary skills in raising doubts about the greater evil, instead of nit-picking the lesser evils. Cheers and peace.

      2. Yes, Complete Independence was not a magic wand but it instilled the Magic in people….Back then, Our leaders made it clear to the common mass the task they had in hand….Building India!!! However, this time, it pains me to say that many of the people dont even know for sure what the Jan Lokpal Bill aims at. Many think it will bring back the money from the Swiss Bank. In such a scenario, if you spread such a message planting false hopes in the minds of such people…Just imagine the resentment it would cause if people dont get what they hope for! Imagine if such people start another protest!!!
        And u rest assured tht i will be gunning for the greater evil… just a start!!!!

  35. hi mr. Jha,
    I must say gr8 work but a lil alteration of the fact tht nobody claims tht jan lokpal bill is a magic wand not even anna as he claims 70 % of curruption will n can b delt with it rest 30 by our own will. Secondly u speak of exaggeration of fact how is this tht for a fact tht handful of ppl got us independence…. Thts part n parcel of ne movement in a country where ppl can go overboard with false claims but u can not take away the fact tht we as a country have failed to achieve what we should have. Singapore is just 1 example od development thr r numerous… You shld try n see the positive side tht we wish to achieve the % mentioned irrespective of they being true or false. N to ur point how dis bill vl help is really simple crores n crores of ruppes which disapper in scams if prevent it by 50% we will actully acheive gr8 heights by using these funds. Next is getting d black money back to india dis also like a long lost dream lets c if this can b acheived to the way finally j

    1. you stupid fuc*ing idiot! this is not an sms you’re you’re typing where you need to save on characters.. so stop writing things like ‘gr8’ & ‘delt’! wtf! try and make yourself easily understood. by adding bad spelling to your already bad grammar just worsens your chances of being taken seriously!

      wtf are you talking about independence? & a handful? fool! wtf is ‘ne’??? You had better be 14 & under. And its because of these ‘scams; that today you can send text for so cheap rather than have to scrimp & save on lettters and further fuc* up the english language.

      the only great heights idiots like you will achieve with that money is to promote bad grammar in this country. & wtf is up with 70%.. this % that %??? idiot! randomly using the % symbol seems like the ‘in’ thing amongst your lesser intelligent sort.

      Go read history & politics before you express opinions on these topics. & by that I don’t mean the rubbish you read in class 7 & 8.

      In fact… the best thing you can do is sterilise yourself so that we don’t have to read rubbish like this again.

  36. I am really happy about this, as this stops a lot of people from being misled. Great Work… I guess u are the Indian Hoax -Slayer ….

  37. Well! I find many sane people in here than any other site where commenting is made available on an article.
    Let me tell you what will happen if this Lokpal Bill is passed and implemented. Let’s say that all the people (100%) working in Lokpal are honest, that is non-corrupt. However, they will find heaps and heaps of complaints coming in for the dilly dallying of processing of their respective files. It might not be necessarily due to demand of bribe but due to a natural cause, like an official is on leave or he is on an official tour for 1 week or 15 days. In such a case, you end up either getting frustrated or try to find another short cut. Ultimately, this Lokpal thing will be just another CBI or CAG. Now I have not commented, what if the Lokpal will become corrupt. Will the people start another agitation to introduce “sub-lokpal” to monitor this Lokpal Bill?

      1. so you say lokpal or janlokpal will not bring any good to our lives.
        So we continue to live as it is (chalta hai attitude).
        forget stats(which in itself is a confusing), can’t we see the difference in India & Singapore?

      2. Boy, do i hate when people misinterpret what i ve to say. Tell me something….Have I quoted anywhere that Lokpal bill wont do us any good
        I just say that promoting your cause, no matter how noble it is, using false data and stats. It is very wrong on moral grounds.
        And secondly, the message portrays the Lokpal bill as a magin wand. That u wave the wand…n Whooooosh! all the corruption n malpractices wud disappear
        which is not the case. This message builds false hopes in the minds of people who do not know entirely about the bill. Tell me something…if this bill does not
        turn out as it is hyped to be….who will take the responsibility if ppl start another agitation.
        Lastly, a version of such a bill has existed in Hong Kong since 1970s. And u knw besides being a developed nation, what else is Hong Kong known for……Mafia…Triads n Gang Wars!!

    1. So do you propose that we have an examination or something for The Prime Minister and his Cabinet…Sounds a bit silly..doesnt it???
      Or if ur basing it on the credentials…Dude…we have got some of the best resume at the top posts like PC, Manmohan Singh,etc
      you are free to compare their credentials with the likes of Anna Hazare, who has proven to be quite a Leader lately
      So, sorry my friend, but Meritocracy may not be the answer!!

      1. Well, making 12th pass + no criminal record compulsory for all govt. jobs (atleast above a clerical level)

        MP’s and higher must have a 1st class Bachelors degree in economics/the relevant field

        Rather than election, follow a performance based promotion system.. so on

      2. Ofcourse, ban any SC/ST.OBC category person from holding posts as they have got into degrees through concessions, so those degrees shouldnt be counted

  38. Wonderful items from you, man. I have be aware your stuff previous to and you are just too great. I actually like what you have bought right here, certainly like what you are saying and the way by which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it smart. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is actually a tremendous site.

  39. Yes i do agree with the above post completely but the truth is that in UN report Singapore is the least corrupt nation in Asia and this is strongly to the fact that CPIB singapore is very strong and independent agency

    1. Singapore actually stands 4th in the least corrupt nation list which is topped by New Zealand. But hey, it is still a commendable achievement and its not because of some fictional bill!

  40. thnxxx for the eyeopner buddy sadly i also posted d crap well i’ve deleted it now thnxx for the info………..

  41. Mr. Jha,

    A wonderful post and certainly logical. If I’m allowed to be a little rude, I find social media as a “bunch of semi-literates on a keyboard”. Nearly 80% of information is factually inaccurate. Dimwit is displayed in abundance. So, the best is to ignore such posts.

    To the point of how lokpal will be a magic wand for getting rid of corruption, it’s just some hate-mongers are making it sound that way. If each person raises his morals, corruption will naturally come down.

    Keep up your good writing.

    Best wishes,

  42. Hahaha I came to this post via google. When I saw the FB status, I was sure the tax was not Zero. So I re-checked it.
    Then, number 142 looked a lot dubious so I searched it on google and I came here.
    I guess these statuses are new avatars of chain-letters of the yore. If you love India “like” this, If you are a Sikh “Like” this.
    These sort of things are detrimental to “The Cause”.

  43. I’ve learn several good stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how so much effort you set to make this kind of magnificent informative site.

  44. Hello there! I know this is kinda off topic however ,
    I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest writing
    a blog post or vice-versa? My website goes over a lot
    of the same subjects as yours and I feel we could
    greatly benefit from each other. If you happen to be interested feel free to shoot me an email.
    I look forward to hearing from you! Fantastic blog by the way!

  45. I agree with the need for people to do a little search before sharing messages but think the arguments raised for the same by you needs more scutiny than what you have done for making your post. Let me elaborate my point.

    1) Regarding the first point on the ombusdman and fifth argument regarding the arrest of ministers, there is very much a Corrupt practices Investigation Bureau in Singapore and according to a Harvard study the efficiency of the department is top notch. Even though this is under the government and not independent like an ombudsman ought to be, we can’t ignore the fact that UNDP report states that Singapore is the least corrupt nation among its members. So I believe your argument on the post being misinformed is correct, I would like to point that your counter argument is also misinformed, as this department has been responsible for the arrest of ministers in Singapore. You can get a birds view here(even though wiki is not the most reliable source for some information)
    2) Employment/ Unemployment/Poor, I think can very much be used for Singapore since it is a member of the UN which has defined these terms very specifically. In fact it is the case for almost all definitions that different countries use. For example consider the term “Labour standards”. India does not have a very well defined premise for domestic workers, but we usually stick to the ILO defined standards to see whether the standards are on par.
    3) Hehe, nice touch regarding the peanut thing. Had a heartfelt laugh seeing the rhetorical question 🙂
    4) I am not informed enough to comment on the economical theory behind the concept 🙂

    Nevertheless, agree with the sentiment of your post regarding all the scare-mongering, religious-lobbying and Hit-Like-if-you-agree posts that is making its way and peskiness caused all day long 🙂

    1. My counter argument was based solely on disproving the fact that a “Lokpal Bill” was passed in Singapore. The agency you mentioned, CPIB, is actually not a self appointed civil society without accountability. It works directly under the supervision of Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore. An Ombudsman is not accountable to anyone, not even the PM. So Yes, it is quite efficient and effective, better than anything we have ever witnessed, but it is still not the thing we seek. It’s actually like our CBI with extra power and extra salaries!

      And regarding the arrests… Throughout the history of Singapore, 3 ministers have been arrested (the figure claimed is 142) and even these 3 cases were investigated in the years 1966, 1975 and 1987. Its funny that two cases were reported much before ur “1982 Bill”. Such sporadic arrests have occurred in several other countries with/without such a bill.

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