Bizzaro Mind

It’s no wonder that trite things seem a tad more profound when you’re not you. By “not you”, I mean a state of mind induced by a little of “something”. You might question my choice of words when I say “not you”. Actually you reflect your truest self when you are in this state. You know I got a good feeling about this post. I feel that I am going to complete this one unlike the last four which never saw the light of the day. Sorry, I digressed there for a moment. Pardon me, but isn’t it fun to digress? You explore all those unchartered avenues on potentially important issues when you digress. Think of all those remarkable discoveries/inventions that happened just because people digressed. You can say that to achieve something truly remarkable, you need to digress.
I am digressing over the topic of digress!! Gosh, I love it! Well getting back to point (somehow, my point seems boring now! Nevertheless, I am going to finish it). So I was talking about the simple things that may not be that simple but because of its apparent simplicity, we choose to ignore it (because we are ignorant and indifferent idiots). So today, the weather of Bangalore was partly sunny and partly cloudy (and my 21st floor apartment balcony gives me a very accurate estimate of the cloudy and sunny areas. I know a lot of people will consider the 21st floor thing as bragging, stick to it, and it would probably be the only thing lingering in their small minds but right now, my indifference to all those mortal instincts can bring Marcus Brutus to shame 😛 ). Sorry I digressed again. Man, this is tough. So I went to investigate this partly cloudy, partly sunny phenomenon on my Hero Ranger (Again, with the bragging). And I reach that point of transcendence from sunny to cloudy. My mind was blown! I mean, here I was standing in the warmth of the sun and I stride later, the sun was gone, disappeared into some oblivion! Also, my strides are fairly small so the point of transcendence may actually be just a line.
So with my mind blown, I returned to my apartment and started contemplating over the brilliance of nature I had just observed. Nature acts in such obscure ways but the meaning is really simple. Life can sometimes be cloudy and be sunny on other occasions. But instead of cursing or maybe ignoring the cloudy part( Cloudy = Bad/Sunny = Good, reverse the meanings if you tend walk the other path), we should actually appreciate the beauty of this transition. It shows us that life will never be the same. The different shades from sunny to cloudy actually break the monotonicity of life (which can be so dull!). So don’t be a sucker. Appreciate the different transitions in life with the same mindset as you would welcome a new opportunity!
I seem to be losing this train of thought. I am probably losing this state and I am a bit disappointed. It was difficult to reach this state and being in e-commerce for over an year, I am thinking that there can be an easier way. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get it delivered right to your doorstep? The best part is that If it’s not there in 30 minutes, I mean, like, what is time anyway, man!


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