Mind It, Oh Mindless One!

The intricacies of the human mind perplex me. Considering the stupidity running amok around us, I find it hard to believe that we are the most evolved ones around. Now this one is not going to be about what people like or dislike. There are those who don’t like Tarantino or Nolan and those who like white trash or Indian rap trash music. Yes, I judge them but I wouldn’t call them stupid. No, this one digs a tad deeper. It’s about those who are behaviourally stupid. The purest and most innate form of stupidity that is unyielding and incorruptible.

The thing is that this behavioural stupidity is wrought so deep in our mind that we don’t even realize it. I mean I do because I am writing this post after all but majority don’t :P. For instance, we made a law to make people wear seatbelts, to make them wear helmets, to make them not to drive under the influence of alcohol (or substance). Do people care enough to obey them? No! But print “Hand Wash Only” on the back of a T-shirt, and people will follow it as if it came from the mouth of a Fifth Dimensional Being! You have to realize that something went wrong over the course of evolution when you have to pass laws and make not following basic safety, a punishable offence.

There are some valid reasons people have for not following basic safety rules. Mind you, these are actual statements of some very real and surprisingly alive people. “Helmets mess up my hairstyle”, “Seatbelts put a crease on my dress, I just had it ironed”, “Daru peeke tez car nahi chalayi, toh kya hi kiya life mein (If you haven’t ever driven under the influence of alcohol then what have you achieved in life)” are a few of the awesome reasons.

And the best part is that we do wear seatbelts and helmets in a different setting. Oh yeah, seatbelt in an airplane and helmet while skydiving. Because nothing protects a human being falling from 20000 feet like a seatbelt and a helmet!

I realize now that this post has become a tad more of a tirade than a humorous post. But if this makes you wear a helmet and drive sober, I would say “Mischief Managed”



One thought on “Mind It, Oh Mindless One!

  1. Quite thought provoking n m afraid may lead to an endless discussion.Basically it is a part of human behaviour.one must introspect n analyse one’s behaviour with a positive mind.The fact that we are facing mental degeneration cannot b denied.

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