What’s With This Kolaveri Shit!!!

It’s on People’s Minds, Facebook Statuses, Blogs, News Channels….I wish I could say that it is an anti-corruption message people are spreading. It’s on people’s ringtones, speakers, lips…I wish I could say that it is a Lata Mangeshkar classic, a Guns N Roses Hit or an A.R. Rehman Melody. But Sadly, the above mentioned “it” is a Trashy song called “Why This Kolaveri Di”.

Now a week ago, this song was everywhere on Facebook. So I thought, Let’s give it a shot. After all, some Tamil songs have appealed to me in the past. So I tried it and that’s 4 minutes (or maybe 3.5 minutes because of the Stunning Shruti Hassan) of my life I am not getting back. Just saying horrible and awful would be an understatement. People say that they like this song because of it’s weirdness. I don’t know what the hell that’s supposed to mean. Let me describe the song in terms of music, lyrics, vocals and theme.

Music: Trashy Computer Generated Beats.

Lyrics: Meaningless Lines in Broken English and Tamil.

Vocals: Passable

Theme: Now I would have disregarded the above three if the theme was, say Patriotism. But No!! The theme was..heartbroken boy ditched by the girl of his dreams….Quelle Surprise!!!

You may call me a Social Pariah for hating this song. I have been called much worse things and I don’t give a damn about it. What I give a damn about is the attention this song is getting and the rage it is creating. I mean, yeah you may try this song once or accidentally see the video twice just to get a good look at Shruti Hassan (Who happens to be the only Highlight of the music video I could find). But 5.7 million hits in a week!! That’s no accident! It just paints a sad picture of people appreciating bullshit!

So my parting words:  Grow up India, you can do much, much better than this.